No more taxes

Any tax reform or tax replacement proposal must be preceded by a short lesson in simple economics:

The standard of living in an economy is determined by how much desired products and desired services are purchased in an economy. The 4 main factors that determine how many desired products and desired services are purchased in an economy are:

1. Consumption: The total value of desired products and desired services.

2. Production: The production of such products and services. 

3. Distribution: The bringing of products and services to the consumers.

4. Natural resources: Clean water and air, climate to grow food, mining.    


This proposed UNIVERSALTAX will eliminate the current over 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States and replace all of them with a simple excise tax of under 5% for which the tax code is comprised of fewer than 10 pages. 

This should sound like total nonsense to most financial experts and all others who believe to have at least some minimal understanding of taxation and accounting. They would immediately test this proposal against their current knowledge and beliefs and quickly find many arguments that would show fault with it. They would be completely wrong however and the questions they may asked will be answered below.    

Methods of tax collection in the USA and other countries are obsolete and extremely labor intensive and costly to comply with and the tax codes create the largest opportunity for corruption and are the largest source of crime against the general population. Criminal elements among the financial Special Interests have created the monstrocity of 80,000 pages of IRS tax code loopholes that enables them to enrich themselves by about $3.5 trillion per year at the expense of the 99.99% of the rest of "We the People". Smart people that are the behind the scenes Marionette Master Puppeteers that pull all the strings to make us dance after their music. They have enslaved us and taken our Life, Liberty and opportunity to pursue Happiness. And the curious thing is that we have allowed them to take our freedom without the slightest amount of opposition from us. So we deserve to be enslaved by the Master Puppeteers as long as we are unwilling to win our freedom back and as long as we alloww them to pull all the strings from behind the scenes. It is not easy to win freedom back from slavemasters that hold all the strings.

The way to win our freedom back is to cut all the strings with which the Master Puppeteers are controlling us. There is no doubt that if we agree that we want some form of government, that we must fund our Governments at all levels of jurisdiction. First we must determine how much government we eally want and how much power we are willing to give the government. We certainly do not want to give our Governments so much power that they can dictate to us how much power they want and take as much freedom away from us as they like. That is the kind of power and control that Government has currently taken from us without any protest from us. Our Government currently has more power over us than what King George III had when the American Colonists presented their grievances in the United States Declaration of Independence. The clonists argued that King George levied taxation disproportionately high to the limited representation they had in Parliament. Our current taxation is more lacking of representation than King George's taxation since most of our elected officials do not represent the interests of "We the People" at all and are very much the Marionette Puppets being played by the Master Puppeteers. Time for the Second American Revolution? Such revolution is most likely not needed if we somehow can educate the American public of the merits of the UNIVERSALTAX proposal explained below. This tax proposal will cut most of the strings with which the Master Puppeteers are currently enslaving "We the People".

This tax would not have been possible as little as 10 years ago because it totally is based on the sophisticated electronic fund transfer capability of modern banking.


The end of taxation as we know it. This UNIVERSALTAX plan is a tax reform proposal that eliminates all the over 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States and replaces them all with a single excise tax of only 3.9%

QUESTION: How is it possible that a 3.9% UNIVERSALTAX will collect as much total revenue as all the 30,000 current taxing agencies together? Any expert in matters of taxation knows that this cannot be correct. 

ANSWER: It actually collects a little more than all the 30,000 current taxing agencies combined and it does this without the $1.2 trillion per year cost of compliance. It eliminates the need for accounting, tax form filing and audits. It is a tax on all money transfers. It is in fact an excise tax that is fully authorized under the Constitution.

I am actually proposing that the tax will be 5% and that the extra 1.1% more tax will be used to pay off the National Debt and to eliminate the the Fed. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States will not be very happy with the Federal Government paying off the National Debt and will do anything to stop a UNIVERSALTAX act to make it through Congress and be signed into law. So do not expect this UNIVERSALTAX to become law anytime soon. The cabal of domestic and international bankers that are the stockholders of the Fed have enormous power and influence to keep anything from becoming law that they do not like. They will use whatever legal and illegal methods it takes to stifle any legislation that gives "We the PEOPLE" more freedom and prosperity and that reduces their stranglehold on the economy. The are the master Maronette puppeteers that control the economies of most countries in the World.

 and to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank which will no longer be needed when the General Public will be educated to the fact that the Fed is an absolutely corrupt and criminal enterprise that was created by a cabal of international bankers whose children and grandchildren are its current stockholders.

 of thown the Fed and .  In the United States there are about 30,000 taxing agencies at Federal, State, County and Local levels of jurisdiction. About 12% of the working population of the United States is working as a result of the totally unproductive jobs that have been created directly or indirectly on account of these 30,000 taxing agencies. The cost to the economy of supporting all this tax nonsense is not only the wages of these 12% non-productive jobs, but the greater cost to the economy is the corruption created by the special interests that have tax laws and tax regulations added to the tax codes that create tax advantages and loopholes for the large businesses and other special interests that bribe the legislatures in adding legslation that favors their profitability at the expense of all other taxpayers.

At this point it might be appropriate to watch an interesting YouTube film that most likely will be taken down through pressure being asserted by the large international special interests that do not want it disclosed how they avoid paying taxes at the expense of all other 99.9% of taxpayers in the World. So here is the link to that very interesting movie:

QUESTION: Why is it so important to watch this movie?

ANSWER: It is important to know that this UNIVERSALTAX solves all the problems of tax evasion and tax avoidance and offshore tax havens and all the banking corruption because this tax closes all loopholes. No more Wallstreet games because there is no tax-code. If there is no tax-code, there cannot be any loopholes. The current 30,000 taxing agencies have voluminous tax codes for the single purpose of creating loopholes. The IRS taxcode is a labyrinth of 80,000 pages of tax loopholes. All other domestic and foreign taxing agencies have created volumes of tax loopholes that are navigated by hundreds of thousands accountants and tax lawyers in every country on the planet. All the taxes that are not paid by these 0.1% of tax avoiders and tax evaders will have to be paid by all the rest of the 99.9% of the population.


All these 30,000 taxing agencies (including the IRS) will be eliminated and are replaced by two forms of taxation that do not require any accounting from all the tax payers, no filing of tax returns and no keeping of records for any future audits because there will be no audits. No tax evasion, no tax avoidance, no tax attorneys, no tax crimes. No bribery by special interests paying for corruption by politicians that write tax laws that are favorable to these special interests. Naturally the corrupt legislators are royally rewarded for their fine corruption services through the thousands of lobbyists that pay out the agreed upon amounts for creating the to them favorable tax laws and tax rules and regulations. The simplest form of taxation is the creation of new additional money (printing money, creating money). The entity that creates the extra money is the owner of that money. In the United States it is the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States that is owned by a cabal of international and domestic bankers. 

The second form of taxation is a money transfer tax that is levied on all money movements.
The third component of a perfect tax system is a practical way to effect a negative tax, giving money to every single person in an economy. This is done with Government Debit Cards that are all funded once a month with an identical amount for each person in a country. An excellent addition to this powerful tax system that will propel any economy to its optimum performance.

The advantages of the combination of these three parts of this new tax system are impressively superior to the current corrupt methods of taxation.

Alf Temme
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