No more taxes

The end of taxation as we know it. This plan will eliminate all taxing agencies at all levels of goverment and replace them with a single tax of 3.9% that collects the same amount of revenue as all the 30,000 taxing agencies it eliminates. I actually would like to propose a 5% tax, 1.1% more tax with which to pay off the National debt and to compel In the United States there are about 30,000 taxing agencies at Federal, State, County and Local levels of jurisdiction. About 12% of the working population of the United States is working as a result of the unproductive jobs that have been created directly or indirectly on account of these 30,000 taxing agencies. The cost to the economy of supporting all this tax nonsense is not only the trillions of dollars of the 12% non-productive people are costing the economy but in addition the $3 trillion that are skimmed off the economy by the special interests that take advantage of the tax codes that drive most of the government corruption.

All these 30,000 taxing agencies (including the IRS) will be eliminated and are replaced by two forms of taxation that do not require any accounting from all the tax payers, no filing of tax returns and no keeping of records for any future audits because there will be no audits. No tax evasion, no tax avoidance, no tax attorneys, no tax crimes. No bribery by special interests paying for corruption by politicians that write tax laws that are favorable to these special interests. Naturally the corrupt legislators are royally rewarded for their fine corruption services through the thousands of lobbyists that pay out the agreed upon amounts for creating the to them favorable tax laws and tax rules and regulations. The simplest form of taxation is the creation of new additional money (printing money, creating money). The entity that creates the extra money is the owner of that money. In the united States it is the Federal Reserve Bank of the and that is currently the Central Bank 

The second form of taxation is a money transfer tax that is levied on all money movements.
The third component of a perfect tax system is a practical way to effect a negative tax, giving money to every single person in an economy. This is done with Government Debit Cards that are all funded once a month with an identical amount for each person in a country. An excellent addition to this powerful tax system that will propel any economy to its optimum performance.

The advantages of the combination of these three parts of this new tax system are impressively superior to the current corrupt methods of taxation.

Alf Temme
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